"A truly special experience! This was my very first Breath work session and Cassandra was a very attentive and knowledgeable coach.  She made sure to create a relaxing  atmosphere and guided me through every step of the breathing practice. After the session I felt light and at ease. The breathing practice is perfect for balancing out the daily stress my busy mind. Thank you Cassandra for this gift of mindfulness!"


“Cassandra's sessions were my first experiences with breathwork. The experience was deep and expanded the way I view myself. For me breathwork is an excellent tool to better understand my body and the body-mind connection. Cassandra is an excellent facilitator: dedicated, professional, relaxed and gentle.”


"Cassandra’s Breathwork is one of the gentlest yet most powerful practices I’ve had the privilege to try. After having attended both private and group sessions - in person and online - I can only praise her for her unique, loving way of holding her clients through the session and her energetic gift of guiding her clients through the session through her voice, touch and impeccable choice of music. I’ve had profound releases in her sessions, yet always felt fully safe and held and also been able to experience the gentle, loving space of being held not only by her, but also by my own breath which she has the incredible gift of facilitating. Cassandra’s loving and nurturing nature shines through everything she does, and I highly recommend her breathwork sessions to anyone who’s willing to dedicate some time to go on a deeper journey inwards, in the most loving compassionate and gentle way."


“The breathwork was surprisingly challenging, but the calm and clear instructions helped to keep up with the session. After the practice I felt relaxed, but unbelievably energetic!”


"It was an absolute pleasure to take one of Cassandra’s breath-work sessions. As a beginner packed with misconceptions on how breathing alone can do any wonders, I was surprised to be proven highly wrong thanks to Cassandra. Cassandra has a unique way of introducing you to a new concept to get you to easily understand it and already visualizing yourself trying it out. I really appreciated how she manages to tailor her message to her audience, offering both the geeky details (yes, there’s a lot of science behind breathing right) but also the ‘feeling’, intuitive side.

During the sessions, I noticed how everything flowed, how my body started to detangle and didn’t feel like work, while enjoying the wonderful music. Cassandra knew how to hold space for the group, instill trust and carefully curate every moment of the session to keep you engaged until the end. While watching closely Cassandra’s journey and trying it out for myself I now know how many wonders breath-work sessions can do."


“Cassandra guided me expertly and gently through the journey into both my body, mind, and spirit. At the end of the session I was shaking and bawling, releasing some of my deep-seated emotional and physical blocks. After this I felt cleansed and strong, more focused than in a long time. My hopelessness and anxiety were replaced with determination and hope for weeks after. Cassandra is truly something special, with a true calling for helping individuals, and breathwork is an excellent means to do so.”


“I never would have believed how much one hour of breathwork could influence the way I felt afterwards. My stress was gone, I felt energetic and happy. Such a pleasant instructor!”




I am Cassandra Zaeske, a multi-passionate soul on a mission to contribute something meaningful to this world. I am curious about people and healing and want to explore different channels to live out my purpose – to shine my light on others' paths and support people around me to find more joy and wellbeing in life.

Outside of breathwork, I work part-time as a People Practices Partner, as well as a Bodybalance (a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi) instructor. I found breathwork during my sabbatical in Italy in 2020 and conscious breathing has since then been a part of my daily life, supporting me in being someone more confident, healthy and inspired.

As an instructor I am gentle, professional and dedicated. My character is a wild mix of creativity and intellect, depth and lightness; I am a singer, writer and creator who enjoys geeking out on science, theory and research.

My breathwork practice gives me the opportunity to combine my passions and gifts, which truly excites me.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Much love



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